無接道敷地に建つ住宅House without Connecting Roads







Enter into a Gap in the City

In parts of cities with clustered old residential areas, there are many premises without connecting roads due to having been sold off. As new buildings cannot be built in these areas, a situation arises where there are lots of empty houses and open spaces left there. The premises in this project were also such areas, but thankfully owners of small housing complexes nearby acquired these houses. Due to this, under law these houses are considered extensions of apartment housing complexes and thus construction on their premises becomes possible.

In other words, even if the house is like a detached house, they had to be in line with the law for apartment housing complexes in that they had to have space in front of windows and guarantee an evacuation route to a road. However, stairs of narrow areas and existing housing complexes blocked pathways, so guaranteeing these was a considerable issue. (As nearby apartment housing complexes were proven to be illegally constructed structures without inspection completion certificates, things began with surveys and renovations.) In addition, even on premises where the periphery is surrounded by buildings, the residence space must have good lighting and ventilation.
In order to solve these problems, new buildings must ensure a open space in all four corners as cross-shaped flat surface. One of these must be space in front of the windows, another is to ensure a view in addition to having good lighting and ventilation, and another is ensuring as large a building area as possible with regards to the shape of the premises. Lastly is ensuring an offset distance from the outdoor staircases of nearby housing complexes.

Furthermore, by fitting in with the concavity and convexity of the surrounding buildings, they should aim to blend in with existing city context while also becoming a catalyst for new layers to be born in the city.

Client: Private
Year: 2018
Type: Private House
Location: Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Structural Engineer: SUZUKI Akira / ASA
Builder: Habita Yuwa
Status: Completed
Photographer: CHIBA Kenya
Translation: Fraze Craze