プリオロジーPreology Booth



東京ビッグサイトで開催されたDesign Tokyo 2017内の展示ブース計画である。クライアントは自然派素材の歯磨きペーストを開発・販売しているスタートアップ企業である。



クライアント:Preology by Dentaluxe

Wall of "Literal / Phenomenal"

This is an exhibition booth design for Design Tokyo 2017, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight. The client is a startup that develops and markets toothpaste made with natural ingredients.
Aimed at women in their 30s to 50s, this product's selling points are its elegant sensibilities, which are more akin to those of beauty lotion and toothpaste, as well as its purity, and the reliability that comes with having been developed by dentists.

First, the primary parts were SPF wood 2x2s with 38x38mm cross sections. This is the same as the size of the product.
Building a wall coated with Roval adds a faint reflectivity to the depth of the booth. Then, brackets with 6mm aluminum pipes inserted into them were placed to raise the SPF wood by 38mm at regular intervals, and the products and small plants were arranged in a random pattern.
In using the Roval coating to give a faint reflection of the unfinished wooden louvers, the products, the green of the plants, and the people and things that passed in front of it, and in making this small, 2.7x3m space into a multilayered one, our aim was for attendees to experience a sensation of depth and the transparency of the air, and to walk a line between reality and illusion. This would allow the sensibilities of the brand to be conveyed in a gentle way.

We faced a significant challenge in determining how best to communicate the appeal of the product to attendees who would be passing by within a short period of time at a large exhibition venue lined with a large number of booths. However, not only did many people stop by and take an interest in the product; they also showed interest in our wall and seemed to have fun trying to interpret it.

Client: Preology by Dentaluxe
Year: 2017
Type: Exhibition
Location: Koto, Tokyo, Japan
Builder: ihrmk Ltd.
Status: Completed