Residential Architecture Prize 2021


The exhibition of works that won the Residential Architecture Prize 2021 for Hatsuse Mita is being held at a special venue on the 4th floor of the Living Design Center OZONE in Shinjuku. The exhibition runs from July 15th to July 27th, 2021.

Residential Architecture Prize 2021

「共生系としての住宅」というテーマで、審査員は平田晃久氏、加藤 耕一氏、曽我部昌史さん、山田紗子さん、吉村靖孝さん(パンフレット表記順)でした。

Hatsuse Mita was awarded The Residential Architecture Prize 2021, Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers.
The theme is "House as a symbiotic system" and the jury consisted of Mr. HIRATA Akihisa, Mr. KATO Koichi, Mr. SOGABE Masashi, Ms. YAMADA Suzuko , and Mr. YOSHIMURA Yasutaka (in the order of the pamphlet).