Architectural Discussion by Notable Young Architects

井原正揮がJIA全国10支部合同企画「注目の若手建築家による建築討論」に登壇します。10/27に木村吉成さんをモデレータとして、斎藤和哉さん、山口陽登さん、佐々木翔さんと井原正揮の4名が登壇、オンラインにて討論をします。また、11/9 10:30~12:00には愛知県常滑市の旧青木製陶所にてJIA佐藤会長×前田圭介さん×木村吉成さん×栗原健太郎さん+登壇者11名が集結しての建築討論が開催されます。(URLなどについては後日追記予定です。)

IHARA Masaki will participate in "Architectural Discussion by Notable Young Architects", a joint project of 10 JIA chapters across Japan, on 10/27 with KIMURA Yoshinari as moderator, SAITO Kazuya, YAMAGUCHI Akito, SASAKI Sho, and IHARA Masaki online. Also, on 11/9 from 10:30 to 12:00 at the former Aoki Pottery in Tokoname City, Aichi, JIA President Sato, MAEDA Keisuke, KIMURA Yoshinari, KURIHARA Kentaro, and 11 other speakers will gather for an architectural discussion. (URL and other information will be added later.)

Shin Proposal



We are pleased to announce that we have been invited to participate in Shin Proposal*.

*The unique feature of the Shin Proposal is that the client is given the opportunity to visit the offices of candidate architects during the architect selection stage, and the dialogue begins there. By visiting the office, the client can learn about the architect's personality, work ethic, and ability to perform from the office atmosphere and working environment.

ZEB Planner


We have been registered as a ZEB Planner in the 2023 Net Zero Energy Building (ZEB) Demonstration Project being undertaken by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
The ZEB Planner is an organisation set up to provide support to businesses aiming to promote ZEB, and the registration is carried out by the Initiative for Environmental Co-creation.
As advisors to clients considering the adoption of ZEB, we provide planning and support in the pursuit of a more environmentally friendly society.